Wing Yip Metal Accessories Manufactory Ltd. was founded by Mr. Timmy Cheung and his brothers in 1993. Before that, in fact the Cheung family had already been running metal accessories business for over 30 years. Having inheriting such a long experience in the industry, the Cheung brothers started off their business with good fame. .Wing Yip・ was well known for its innovative designs, high quality products and sincere customer service right at the beginning. In only ten years・ time since then, .Wing Yip・ managed to cast off the traditional way of management and now, with its outstanding style, has established a solid foundation in the handbag metal accessories suppliers・ industry.

.Wing Yip・ started its business mainly as the metal accessories supplier for the handbag, fashion and shoes industries in Hong Kong. Its business kept on thriving and gradually expanded to the South East Asia and Middle East regions. In 1995, .Wing Yip・s business became more flourishing when it caught the eyes of the European customers. Its market now reaches many European countries including France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Turkey. It has been supplying high quality metal accessories to them.

In 1999, .Wing Yip・ successfully got linked with the Romag, a U.S. company, and became the manufacturer and sales agent of the Romag・s patent magnetic buttons. The annual sales volume of the Romag@ magnetic buttons reaches 5 millions. Many American famous handbag brands choose specifically our company・s Romag@ magnetic buttons to be used on their products in order to maintain the high quality.

With their individual strengthens and common goal, with their diligence and effort in keeping themselves up-to-date with the market, the Cheung brothers have helped Wing Yip Metal Accessories Manufactory Ltd. lay a strong foundation to its present magnificent business. We have our headquarter in Lai Chi Kok, where the local fashion industry gathers, as well as our retail department in Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, where the metal accessories industry battles. We have set our production base in the factory-packed Bao An District in Shenzhen. We now also have our own office building in the handbag wholesale hub region - 炎ぇ^, Guangzhou, China. This is our head office in China. It acts as the starting point of our vast and rapidly developing business in the China market.

The global economy is ever changing and the leather industry in China is now growing rapidly. Seizing this opportunity, .Wing Yip・ has set a long-term ambitious goal V .We must become the number one metal accessories supplier.・ With our high-quality product design, advanced production technology and sincere customer service, we are sure to provide satisfying products to our customers. In doing so, we are hoping to contribute towards the development of the China leather industry and help it achieve the international standard.

In order to further upgrade the design and quality of our products, we created a new brand name TIMAKE@ in 2002. We have registered a patent on the brand in both Hong Kong and the mainland China. The products under this brand name truly reflect the professional and meticulous work from a group of promising and innovative young designers in our company.